Should You Invest In SUV All-Season Tires Or SUV All-Weather Tires?

SUV All Season Tires

Living in Northern California and with my recent purchase of the Volvo XC40 R-design, I started to look into possible tire options. The questions I had were if I should invest in SUV all-season tires or SUV all-weather tires. With the varying weather of Northern California, where seasonal changes are more present than in Southern California, I wanted to make sure that the tires I choose are able to remain responsive and safe in all road and weather conditions. Also, the SUV that I bought is quite sporty, and I didn’t want to invest in tires that would limit my driving experience. First things first. I would like to find out if I should look into all-season tires or all-weather tires and to understand what’s the difference between these two.

After starting to read about the differences between all-weather and all-season tires, it became clear to me that only the all-weather tire would work for me. This is because even though it sounds like the two tires are the same, only the all-weather tires actually can hold up in winter road conditions. All weather tires are really combinations of the best properties of a winter tire and an all-season tire, whereas an all-season tire is good only for 3 seasons. Even though the name all-seasons implies to 4 seasons, the tire is not safe on winter conditions. Having realized this, I still needed to choose which all-weather tire to get.

The Nokian WR G3 SUV tire is an all-weather tire especially made for SUVs. It can maintain driving comfort while ensuring responsiveness as well as excellent grip even on snow. With its snow claws on the tread’s diagonal and longitudinal grooves, snow and ice will not be a problem. This tire also assures that it performs equally well on dry surfaces with its “Groove Lifts”, which maintain stability and even prevents wedging of small rocks. Even in wet and slushy conditions the tire continues to perform well, minimizing the risk of both slush planing and aqua planning, when there are heavy summer rains and when snow starts to melt in the spring.

If I lived in Southern California or any part of the country, which do not have winter road conditions, SUV all season tires like the Nokian Rotiiva HT might have worked for me. Nokian Rotiiva HT with its advanced highway tread would have provided a quiet and safe ride with the possibility to handle some light off-road situations.

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