It Is Not Safe To Use Winter Tires In The Summer

All Season Tires

I just finished up my winter season at the ski resort in Tahoe where I had put my Nokian Nordman 7 studded tires in to good use. After accepting a job at San Francisco fisherman’s wharf, I realized that I needed to find some new tires for my car. As great as my studded winter tires were up here in Tahoe for the winter season, they obviously won’t be suitable for San Francisco.

It was unavoidable to buy winter tires here in Tahoe as the winter conditions required good quality winter tires. However, now that I am heading to San Francisco, I am looking into all season tires. All-season and summer tires are suitable for spring, summer, and fall but not for winter. Luckily my colleague Joe bought my studded winter tires from me and I bought some Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 all-season tires.

The great thing about the Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 tire is that it’s a safe and economical tire that provides a comfortable driving experience. It also has a silent sidewall Technology that cuts out noise and vibration and makes my journeys even more enjoyable.

When I bought my winter tires, I was aware I would only be using them during the winter season and for that season they were excellent. The grip was excellent, and I had no problems driving up my sloped drive way. Using these tires in any other than winter conditions, however, is not recommended and I’m sure in some states it’s not even legal. I don’t regret having invested in a good set of winter tires as I know that the all-season tires I put on now, would not have been able to handle the harsh winter conditions in Tahoe.

If I end up staying in San Francisco I will be able to continue to use my new Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 tires until the end of their life as the weather in San Francisco is well suited for all-season tires.

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