Winter Tires Should Be Used In The Winter And Not In The Summer

Winter Tires

When you live in a place with cold winters and lots of snow, the only real option is to invest in good winter tires. It really is the only safe option. Winter tires are especially formulated to withstand freezing temperatures and to continue rolling safely and comfortably on the snowy, icy and wet winter roads. All season tires are not suitable for real treacherous winter conditions. So, unless you live in a place with very mild conditions where temperatures stay above freezing, you should only use all-season tires in the spring, fall and summer. If you use these tires during the cold season when the weather conditions are wintry, you will be putting yourself and the passengers that you carry in your vehicle at risk.

Winter tires, on the other hand, should be used only during winter conditions. Using winter tires, either studded tires or non-studded winter tires, in other season is not recommended and in some states it is even against the law. So, as you see it’s important to use the correct tires for the particular season, especially in those parts of the country where the winters are cold, and summers are hot. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Since the winter tires are specifically designed to be used during the cold months, they are not good when the weather is hot. When you use them on warm summer roads, the specially formulated rubber does not perform adequately. Winter tires have specially formulated tread compound that does not harden when the temperature drops below freezing whereas summer tires actually harden and become unsafe with temperatures below freezing. A reason why winter tires should not be used in the summer and summer tires should not be used in the winter.

The softer tread compound that the winter tires have wears out fast if used in the warm summer weather conditions. It really makes more sense to invest in good winter tires when you live in an area with severe winters and vice versa good summer tires in areas with real hot summers. Some people actually buy a second set of rims so to make the change easier.

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