Versatile Heavy Equipment Machines

Loaders belong to some of the most versatile machines. They can be both tracked and wheeled. A wheeled loader is the term used for a loader that has wheels instead of tracks. Tracks have its advantages and disadvantages. Most loaders are wheeled, so they can be versatile and perform many different tasks.

A loader can be used for loading and moving heavy things, like heavy soil, gravel, sand, snow etc. to another place or to be dumped onto or into another vehicle for transportation away from the site. You can also dig with them and then dump what has been dug into a truck. The loader can be a removable part on a tractor or a permanent fixture. You can often replace the bucket for other accessories depending on the tasks. Grapplers can be attached to move bails of hay or a snowplow to remove snow. This is what makes the loader so versatile. 

If your wheel loader tires will operate in snowy conditions you have the new range of Nokian HakkapeliittaLoader tires. Basically all Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires are top performers on ice and snow. They cover the whole range of tires all the way from car tires to heavy machinery tires.

When you equip your loader with winter loader tires, you will have excellent grip and control of your loader despite tough weather conditions with a lot of snow and ice. These tires are also extremely durable, which should give you more output from the same set of tires. For even better grip on ice, you an add studs to the pre-marked positions in the tread. The tread is also self-cleaning to ensure that no snow, mud or slush sticks to the tire.

Even if you live in areas that are different from the Nordic hash winter weathers, you might still experience similar weather now and then. When you do it is very important to be ready, as you might otherwise be at a stand still during a spell of bad weather. This can be very costly if your fixed costs are high and you will have zero output from your heavy machinery during the time you experience harsh weather. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Loader tires have been proven to perform very well and be very durable even during the summer temperatures despite bit higher wear.

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