Things You Should Consider When Buying Tires For Your SUV

All Season Tires

To increase safety, it’s very important to invest in good winter tires especially if you live in an area that faces heavy snow falls and real winter conditions. When I bought our first SUV, I first thought that there was no need for dedicated SUV winter tires. At that time, however, I didn’t realize that the tires are as important as the car that you drive. Even though winter tires actually are not mandatory in the state where I live, I thought I would be rather safe than sorry. So I invested in Nokian Nordman 5 SUV tires. If winters are extreme in the area you come from you also should consider dedicated SUV winter tires even if they are not mandatory. You should not wait until you get stuck in a snowstorm to start thinking of buying them. They make driving easier and safer on the icy, snowy and slushy conditions.

The Nokian Nordman 5 SUV tires use unique “Bear claw” technology, which ensures safe handling during extreme conditions. It offers a well-balanced grip especially for heavy vehicles to ensure better control and handling. It is important to have winter tires installed before the winter arrives and the temperatures drop below freezing. Even if you currently are using all season tires you would still need to switch to dedicated winter tires once the temperatures drop below freezing. This is because the rubber compound even with all-season tires is not made for below freezing temperatures and therefore not suitable for the cold winter weather.

Snow tires are usually made of tread compounds that remain flexible and soft even in low temperatures. This is different from all-season and summer tires that tend to become stiffer in cold weather conditions. The Nokian Nordman 5 SUV tires also feature a grooved tread pattern that provides optimal performance on the cold roads. These grooves push heavy snow and water aside to prevent slush planing and hydroplaning. This is a very important feature as slush planing is probably more dangerous than hydroplaning and it occurs when the snow melts to slush on the roads. The Nokian Nordman 5 SUV tires are available as studded or without studs. Even when temperatures drop below freezing, your SUV winter tyres will still be able to traverse the road with ease – with or without studs.

I am feeling really good about my decision to have equipped my SUV with dedicated SUV winter tires.

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