The Reason For Buying Summer Tires For Your SUV

SUV all season tires

With the nice weather arriving and with our upcoming trip to Yosemite, I wanted to make sure we had some well performing summer tires especially dedicated for our SUV. As we just bought a sport SUV, we wanted to make sure to equip it with good SUV summer tires. These tires differ from SUV winter tires being designed to endure the heat of the summer and occasional rain showers. We decided to go for the sporty Nokian zLine SUV tires.

The Nokian zLine SUV tires are designed to deal with summer weather, which can include everything from very hot days to heavy rain. With the “Aramid Sidewall technology” we will be well protected on rugged roads as the reinforced sidewall technology gives tires an increased protection against impact and cuts. Equipped with strong aramid fibers, the same ones that are used in the aerospace industries, we will feel safer rolling down the freeway. This tire also assures that we get the most out of our SUV as the steering is both quick and responsive allowing ultimate driving pleasure when navigating even at high speeds. We did at one point look into all-season tires but decided to go for a dedicated summer tire.

SUV all season tires like the Nokian Rotiiva HT would have been a possibility. This tire  would for sure provide a quiet and safe ride. It also provides the possibility to handle some light off-road situations, something we might need for our upcoming trip to Yosemite. It also performs well on wet roads reducing the risk of aquaplaning. With its staggered lateral grooves it can handle any weather as it removes water with ease and maintains a good grip on the road, ensuring good handling of the SUV.

So, even though the all-season tires are not a bad option, dedicated summer tires still perform better in the summer. That is because summer tires are specifically designed to deal with warm weather and occasional wet roads. The softer rubber compound in summer tires can handle the heat better and offer more grip in both dry and wet conditions. I didn’t want to sacrifice any steering, braking or handling, so I feel I made the right choice investing in the Nokian zLine SUV tires. I am sure that on our upcoming trip to Yosemite I will not be disappointed.

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