Some Of The Most Used Forestry Equipment

forest tires

Despite debate which equipment is the best, depending on terrain, usage etc., there are still some that are undisputable in their use. Those are the harvesters, which fells the trees so that the log truck can take the logs away from the landing. Then you might use different equipment to get the trees from the stump to the landing area and those can vary based on personal preferences, size of the trees, the terrain and other factors.

Some will use a forwarder and some will use a skidder. They are both good equipment in their own way, some just seem to prefer one over the other, but generally a skidder uses a cable or grapple to pull the logs, while a forwarder lifts them clear to carry them out and to the landing.

The feller buncher is a heavy equipment machine that can cut and bunch trees and is a commonly used type of harvester. Here you still will need a forwarder or skidder to move the trees to the landing for further transport by a log truck.

For a lot of these heavy equipment vehicles you can use either tracks or tires. If you decide to go for tires, you need to make sure that you carefully select the best forest tires for your machine. These heavy tires need to be extremely durable to handle the harsh conditions that they are put through. Any type of equipment or tire failure will be very costly. You will need to make sure that you know the scope of the tires used. Load, terrain and weather conditions all play an important role. A safe bet is to check thetechnical tire manual to ensure that you have the correct tires for the intended load and that you have the correct tire pressure. Tire pressure impacts the stability of the equipment and the ability to move through certain terrain.

If you have winter condition during the forestry, you will also make sure that the tires are designed for this, to ensure that the rubber compound used will not crack at low temperatures. This can happen if the rubber mixture used was designed for warm weather. Some tire options are optimized to drive on snow and ice and will have a tread pattern intended for these conditions. There are also tires that have been designed for adding studs to give you even better traction on ice.

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