Going The Extra Distance

Haul tires

When you have goods that you need to haul for a long distances, it is important that you have good tires that will get you all the way, regardless of what weather you might meet along the way.

Haul tires tend need to be designed for that extra mile as the cost of not getting to your destination can be high. Depending where you drive and through what conditions, you might need tires that are designed for winter use. If you will cross any areas that have winter weather, you will need tires that are approved for winter conditions.

If a tire is approved for winter conditions, it will have the 3MPSFsymbol on the sidewall. If your tires don’t have that symbol you should avoid driving in winter conditions, you should even avoid driving in low temperatures as the tires might become brittle and crack under heavy pressure. Grip and control during winter conditions is very important to ensure that the drivers and the goods being transported reach the final destination safely. The tread is different for handling snow, ice and slush. You need this special design to have the control you need, so make sure that you have tires according to the conditions for safe long haul driving.

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