Forestry Is Rough Work And Require The Right Equipment

Skidder tires

When cutting down trees you have to realize that the trees are massive and they weight is enormous, so this puts a lot of pressure on the equipment that are used to handle the trees. A logging truck can often handle 40 metric tons and needs to make it up close to the areas where the trees grow. After the trees have been felt, they are transported to the landing by a skidder, from where they can be loaded onto a logging truck and transported to a pulp factory or a saw mill.

The loads and pressure that these machinery have to sustain area amazing, if you then include the heavy terrain into this mix as well as occasional winter weathers, you can understand the importance of highly durable tires that can operate in the harshest conditions. When you are in these remote areas, avoiding any downtime is very important as it quickly becomes very expensive. So having tires that are durable and basically indestructible becomes very important.

Skidder tires are in themselves big and heavy and belong to the heavy tire selection. If you decide to use a forwarder or a skidder depends on your operations. A skidder drags one log at a time, while a forwarder can pile up a bunch of logs and then transport them to the landing for the logging truck to transport them further. A skidder is better if the terrain is really bad and also if your landing is close by, then you can easily just drag them to the landing.

The debate between choosing a skidder or a forwarder,  can be very interesting and it is clear that the opinions vary of which equipment is best and what are the best use cases for them. It varies a lot on the different conditions and the terrain that you will work in. What is clear though is that the tires will ensure that you can achieve more from your equipment. Checking technical tire manual will give you good insight for the tire choice between these and also for any other type of heavy machinery. The tire choice is not as difficult as choosing which equipment to buy, so start with a careful decision on that, then make sure that you follow it up with great tires.

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