Extreme Loads And Extreme Tires

terminal tractor tires

A gantry is a bridge looking structure that can be used for mounting cranes, so that work can be done from the above certain items. A gantry crane varies in sizes, but tend to be very big. They are often used in shipping to lift containers and even to build or repair ships. It is often massive equipment made to carry massive loads.

Gantry cranes can be either on tracks or then you have rubber tired gantry (RTG) cranes. Often you can find both alternatives in the same area.  When you have RTG tires, theyhave to be able to withstand enormous loads, but they are great as you can move containers throughout the yard.

The Nokian RTG tires have a tread that is designed for terminal use so that the heat build up is low even at high loads. This will ensure that wear is low and you can operate more hours before having any downtime. They are also easy to turn, as turns are also done while stationary, so if the tires are not designed with this in mind you might ruin your actuators or cause high tread wear.

Other vehicles are the terminal tractors, which require terminal tractor tires such as the Nokian HTS tugger.

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