Truck Tires For Winter Use

Nokian Hakkapeliitta

If you are operating heavy trucks in harsh winter conditions, you will need a tire that can cope with these difficult challenges. The inventor of winter tires have now launched its Nokian Hakkapeliittatires for truck use, their new Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck T is designed for trailer use in extreme weather conditions, it has wide open pattern for good grip on ice, perfect for timber trailers. They also have the tires for the driving axels with their Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck F2.

You have a tire that has been able to build on the success it has had for cars and now translated those learning combined with the durability from Nokian Tyres heavy tire division to create a series of Hakkapeliitta tires for harsh winter conditions, for when you need excellent grip on both ice and snow. Heavy tires of course need to be more durable and have to be able to cope with the high load that the tires will experience due to heave equipment and load weight.

When it comes toHeavy truck tires you will need to be able to drive fast and long distances regardless of what weather conditions that you have. The goods you are transporting needs to get to its destination on time without delays. You can not be impacted if it snows that day or not, therefore having a winter approved tire on your truck, that can handle any surface from dry to wet, from snowy to icy, ensures that weather will not be a delaying factor for delivering your goods to its end destination. The high durability also means that your tires will last a long time and you will be able to cover more mileage before changing. Low rolling resistance ensures that despite the high load, you will not waste money on fuel.

Excellent grip combined with great control makes your truck easy to steer and control as you drive. It thus gives you excellent driving comfort with low noise. This means that you or your drivers easily and comfortably can get safely to its destination. The Hakkapeliitta tires originate from Finland and have the long experience of driving logs from its big forestry industry. The long experience and rigorous testing now brings us some of the world’s best tires for heavy equipment and especially for harsh winter conditions.

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