Tracks Versus Tires In Heavy Machinery

excavator tire

If you invest into heavy machinery like an excavator, you will need to figure out if you want tracks or tires. There are some clear advantages and disadvantages for both, so the choice can be easy of your use is limited. If you however will use the equipment in a wide range of areas for a lot of different tasks, the situation might look completely different. You tend to be more versatile with tires than you are with tracks, but the tracks have some advantages in some areas. So the better you can pin down your requirements, the better choice you can make.

Tracks make the vehicle move like a caterpillar, the tracks are able to distribute the weight of the machine and the load it carries over a wide area versus the tires that are limited to contact points for each tire. So the surface that you will work on is important. The work performed also matters, if you will not move around too much the tracks can manage that well. If you need to transport and move around a lot in a small area, the tracks are slow and are more limited in its movements.

Tires are great in limited areas where a lot of movements is required, they are faster for moving around and can drive at higher speeds. If they work on hard surfaces they tend to outperform tracks. You can often drive on normal roads between jobs if needed. This can save you a lot of money in between jobs and perform jobs faster due to their agility. You will run into most problems if you are performing work in areas with soft surfaces. Here the tracks have an advantage especially if you want to limit your footprint in the area.

If you need to buy excavator tires, you will need to select ones that fit best for your purpose and your needs. You most probably want ones that have good durability regardless of terrain, good traction and stability on most surfaces that you will use it on. Puncture resistance and wear properties are key in terms of minimizing the downtime and increasing the output. Ability to work in different weathers and surfaces can also be of big difference and a factor when selecting your tires. Having a look in the technical manual can give you a good understanding of what tire you will need.

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