The Roughest Tires

excavator tires

When it comes to heavy industrial tires, you do not only have to prepare yourself for the roughest conditions, you also have to be prepared for rough weather conditions. You will need to get tires for winter if you will face winter conditions; there are e.g. excavator tires for winter conditions if you will use your excavator during wintertime.

The weight of special equipment is often very high, which is why you also need heavy tires to do the job. The weight can often be the similar to the weight of up to even hundred normal cars. Check the technical manual to make sure that you know which tire to choose and the load capacity for the tires at different speeds.

You need durability to ensure that the tires don’t crack and they remain in operations for a long time. With the high investment costs into these vehicles, you need to make sure that they can operate most of the time and with as little downtime for service or repairs. Also an on the field repair is more costly, so that should be avoided if possible. With almost indestructible tires, you should be able to complete your jobs without any major problems and you should be able to get through almost any terrain regardless of how rough it is.

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