Excellent Harvester Tires Is A Must

harvester tires

In forestry a harvester, performs the difficult task to cut down the trees and cut of the branches. As the trees grows in areas that generally are very difficult to get to, the harvester needs to be able to handle these terrains in an way that you can basically reach all the trees regardless of the environment that you drive in.

You will face everything from very muddy conditions during heavy rain to deep snow during heavy snowfall. Weather should not delay your work and neither should any downtime due to mechanical problems with the machinery or tire problems that can cause expensive repairs in remote areas as well as costly downtime due to loss of production.

The harvester tires need to be able to both have the durability to ensure that they don’t crack during heavy load or tear or rupture due to sharp rocks or wood. They also need to have the grip for you to be able to drive in these very remote areas with almost impossible driving conditions through the forest so that you can fell the trees. You need to rely on both the grip and the steering properties of the tire to reach the areas where to fell the trees. The tires should be able to drive through the roughest conditions. Best time to cut down the trees is end of winter and early spring, both periods of very unstable weather. SO unless you have tires that can handle difficult terrains and harsh weather, you will lose a lot of money and time.

Once the logs have been felt, you rely on a skidder to drag the trees to an area where they can be transported out of the forest.

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