Earthmoving Tire Selection

For earthmoving vehicles you have both excavators and loading trucks, there might also be some other vehicles used such as some specific tractors. They all tend to be heavy vehicles with heavy hydraulics to be able to perform the duties at hand. They often work in pairs, with one digging and one transporting what has been dug up.

Earthmoving is basically defined as doing earthwork. So you use an excavator to dig holes, by removing the topsoil and potentially also the lower levels. This is for example common when building roads or laying the foundation for buildings. The earth is after it is removed, then transported via a loading truck to another area using a loader or the excavator.

Even without any extra load, earthmoving vehicles are very heavy. This heavy weight puts a lot of strain on the tires, then in addition you have the heavy loads that they have to lift or transport. This is the reason why you should basically always check the technical manual to ensure that the tires are ok with the load and to check what tire pressure you should have in the tires. Nokian Tyres has long experience of producing heavy tires for all weather conditions and terrains. They have been supplying the country’s forestry industry, agricultural industry as well as all the equipment for road building. Busses, trucks and armored military vehicles tires are also in the range of what Nokian Tyres have been supplying for decades to become one of the world’s best and most trusted tires for heavy vehicles.

When it comes to the tires and the tire selection, you will need to make sure that you select a tire that is durable enough to handle the load and the conditions that you will be working in. You will need to make sure that the tires are the right one for the surface that you aim to work on. Tires tend to do better on harder surfaces than softer surfaces.

Nowadays most people know that if you need high quality tires with exceptional durability, then Nokian Tyres is your best choice. You will be able to get better production life out out of your, with less money spent on down time and tire maintenance. So, when you select your next heavy tires then get your earthmoving tires from the Nokian Tyres supplier closest to you.For more tips regarding earthmoving tires, visit: