Quality SUV Winter Tires Provide Safety

SUV studded tires

To drive safely during winter – and by winter I really mean the harsh, real winter weather – you need winter tires. You can for example get SUV all-weather tires that have the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol on the tire sidewalls indicating that they have been approved for winter conditions.

It is not safe to drive without right tires for the particular season and conditions. When you have real winter conditions and you have still summer tires on your car, you don’t have enough traction on snowy and icy surfaces. This makes controlling your car difficult and the braking distance will be much longer than what it would be with dedicated winter tires. This is why so many accidents happen in the crossroads. People don’t have correct tires for the weather conditions and they misjudge the braking distance, crashing into the car in front of them.

Even though it might look like your SUV will handle any surface and any terrain, this is not necessarily the case. The rubber compound used in SUV summer tires is designed to perform well in warm summer temperatures. In winter, when the temperature drops, the SUV summer tire gets very hard. A hard tire has less grip on slippery surfaces. In winter, you need a tire that has been designed for winter use. An SUV studded tires will give you excellent grip especially on icy surfaces. You however need to respect the weather conditions and always adjust your speed to suit the conditions.

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