Snow Tires For All Winter Conditions

winter tires

People may talk about both snow tires and winter tires. Actually, they are the same thing. Todays’ tires that are designed for winter conditions, can handle all different weather conditions that can appear in the winter season. A true winter tire has been officially tested and approved for winter use. You recognize this kind of a tire from a symbol that is a snowflake inside a mountaintop with three peaks. If your tires have this symbol on their sidewalls, you have tires that will be safe to drive with in the winter.

As with all products, the quality and performance of tires varies depending on the brand. Considering that winter tiresare such an important safety factor when you are driving on slippery roads, it is crucial to select a high quality tire to ensure that you get the best performance when you really need it. It is wise to choose a tire from a manufacturer that has good testing facilities in countries with real winters and that is an expert at harsh winter conditions.

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