Make Sure That Your SUV Has Winter-Approved Tires

SUV all weather tires

In North America, in the areas that don’t experience real winter weather during the year, it may feel unnecessary to invest into a set of winter tires. However, when you consider how dangerous it is to drive with tires that are not meant for winter conditions, you should reconsider. Most people will not use flip-flops when there is winter weather and will make sure to put on warm shoes with good grip not to slip.  The same goes with the car and its tires. It is not wise to use summer tires in the winter and vice versa.

Summer tires will have almost no grip on icy, snowy and slushy surfaces and an accident is imminent if you try to drive. You need to make sure that your SUV has proper tires; you need at least a set of SUV all weather tires that are winter approved to be able to drive safely in bad winter weather. A summer tire is not designed for winter conditions and a winter tire is not designed for summer conditions. However, an all-weather tire is a good compromise that can handle both summer conditions and mild winter weather and is a much better and safer option than driving with a summer tire in winter.

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