How To Distinguish A Good SUV Tire

SUV winter tires

The choice of a SUV tire depends partly on the weather and road conditions you usually drive in. If you want to drive off-road, then you need to get a tire that is designed for off-road use. Usual SUV tires manage some light off-road, but they are not be able to handle proper off-road. For off-road driving you will need more rugged tires that preferably have aramid reinforced sidewalls to prevent punctures from stones and other sharp objects.

If you aim to drive in winter conditions, you need tires that are approved for winter use. The snow and mud (S+M) symbol on the tire sidewall is not enough for winter use in areas with real winter weather. Instead, you need tires that have the mountaintop with three peaks and a snowflake inside. This symbol indicates that the tires have been officially tested and approved for winter use. Do not drive with tires that are not approved for winter use if you have harsh winter weather. Your tires will not give you the proper grip for safe driving. If you have a set of summer tires on your SUV, you should not attempt to drive in winter conditions. That is dangerous both to you and to other road users. In winter, you need a good set of SUV winter tires.

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