The Best SUV Tires For Winter Conditions

SUV non-studded tires

Finding the best SUV tires for winter will depend on what weather conditions you tend to experience in the area where you live and where you tend to drive. It is impossible to give any proper advice without knowing this information. I would generally say that if you live in an area that has a proper winter every year, then you would need a winter tire for your SUV. A summer tire is not an option. The summer tires becomes dangerous to drive with as it looses all its key properties when the temperature reaches freezing.

So you have the option to mount a set of SUV studded tires or a set of SUV non-studded tires. The option between these tends to be more a preference. The studded performs slightly better on ice and tightly packed snow. The non-studded tire is a bit more flexible as fewer restrictions apply to them. If you only occasionally see proper winter but you want to be ready for it, then an All-weather tire that is approved for winter use could be your best option. That way you are always ready and you can use them all year around.

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