Don’t Forget That Your SUV Needs Proper Winter Tires

SUV winter tires

It is easy to forget that your SUV will also need proper winter tires. It is just as important to change to winter tires before the temperature drops and reaches winter temperatures. A lot of people seem blinded by the fact that the SUV looks big and powerful, and think that it can manage even winter conditions without having proper winter tires. This is by all means incorrect. There are big differences between summer and SUV winter tires; it is like comparing summer and winter shoes. They are not made the same and different materials are used.

The rubber compound in a winter tire will not get hard and inflexible. This is a very important property of the tire, that it is able to follow the surface pattern, as this increases the traction of the tire. When the tires is hard, the friction between the tire and the surface is reduced and you will not have the grip you need to be able to drive safely. Also the tread design is different. A winter tire is able to manage snow, slush and ice. You will not get far trying to drive in these conditions with a summer tire.

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