You Don’t Need Snow To Use Snow Tires

winter tires

Most people wait for the winter to come before changing to winter tires. They are not aware of the fact that the tires they currently have on their vehicle, may underperform if they are used in different weather conditions that they are designed for. If the rubber compound of a tire is not designed for winter temperatures, it will become harder and harder as the temperature drops. A hard tire will not be able to conform to the surface and create the necessary traction needed to move the vehicle forward and being able to make it stop.

Don’t wait for the snow to arrive, change to snow tires as soon as the temperatures drop close to zero celsius. This will ensure that you can drive safely and be ready for the snow when it finally arrives. Avoiding accidents is a lot about being cautious and being prepared, driving cautiously and adapting the speed to the circumstances, like weather and visibility. During the cold and dark winter nights, it is important that you leave enough distance so that you can get your car to a full stop without an accident.

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