Why Is It So Difficult To Drive In Winter Conditions?

studded tires

Winter is definitely the season when it is most difficult to drive, especially if you live in the north, where winters can be harsh and extreme. What makes it difficult to drive is the big changes in the weather. You have warm summer weather with smooth asphalt roads and good visibility due bright and light days.

When you get into winter, you have the complete opposite. The days are shorter and you have a longer part of the day that is dark, with more limited visibility. The road conditions can be covered with dark ice, where there is an ice layer formed on top of a dry road, which can be very devious, to heavy snow filled roads. You can also have slush and melting snow is melting.

To handle the challenging conditions that you will face during the winter, you need special dedicated tires. You need tires that are officially approved for and tested during these conditions. Choosing a studded tires or a non-studded tire aka studless tire, will make sure that you can drive safely, regardless of what winter weather that you will face.

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