Time To Check Your SUV Summer Tires

SUV summer tires

 As the summer season is coming to an end it is time to check the pressures of your tires on you SUV. Main reason why to check it now, is that with lower temperatures the tire pressure will decrease. If you drive with low tire pressure, your ability to maneuver your SUV will be impacted. In addition, you might lose control when you turn. Low pressure in your SUV summer tires will increase the friction between the tire and the surface, which leads to heat build up. The excessive heat will lead to increased wear, so that you will need to replace your tires sooner than expected.

The increased friction means that your engine will have to work harder to move the vehicle, this means that your engine consumes more fuel. So your fuel bills will increase. All in all you will be less safe, your tires will wear out faster and you will be stuck with higher fuel costs, all this over some missing air in the tires. So when you consider all this, I am sure you will try to make it a regular task to check your tire pressure at every stop at the gas station. While you are at it, also check the tread depth, to ensure that you have enough depth remaining for safe driving. The depth can easily be measured by pushing in a coin into the tire groove and see how deep it will go.

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