A Good Combo For The Whole Year

All season tires

 For some areas a good choice of tires can be to have an all-season tire all year, as there will not be any real winter conditions. For regions that have winter, a good choice will be to drive with all-season tires until winter comes and then change to winter tires. All season tires give you good performance on wet, slushy and dry surfaces.

It is often a bit tricky as it sounds like all-season tires would also be good during winter, but they are not approved for winter conditions and should not be used then. All-weather tires are approved for winter conditions, but the all-season tires are not. All-season tire can often still handle wet snow, but they will not perform well on ice.

If you do have real and long winters, then it might be the best to opt for a real winter tires and not use your all-season tires all year. If you have proper hot summers, then you can also choose to go for a summer tire combined with a winter tire. I would choose a studded or non-studded tire combined with a summer tire for best performance throughout the year. Selecting a tire that is especially designed for only one season will have a better performance than one that is a compromise.

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