How To Drive With SUV Winter Tires

If you live or drive in a place with real winter weather during the winter season, then you will know that also your SUV will need winter tires. Regardless of how powerful or reliable your SUV looks, the material in the tire is different between summer and winter tires. The whole design is different. As rubber changes its consistency with temperature, you will need to have a tire for the winter that is designed for those winter temperatures. You also need a groove design that can cope with snow, ice and slush. As the SUV is larger and heavier, it is more challenging to get it to stop, especially if it has started to slide.

So make sure to fit your SUV before the winter wather hits with tires that are approved for winter conditions. In some areas you might manage with an all-weathe tire that has been approved for winter conditions. The advantage here is that you can manage all year around with the same tire. This tire is of course a compromise and a dedicated summer tire will perform better during the summer and a dedicated winter tire will perform better during the winter season, but this tire, will still manage to keep you safe.

As the winter season is the most challenging season to drive in, I would say that if you have proper winter year on year, there is no reason to stick with one tire for the whole year. You wear out your tires twice as fast if you use one set for the year vs using two separate sets, one for summer and one for winter. With two sets you will also get better fuel economy and save money and you will both improve your safety as well as your driving performance during the whole year.

ou ill need to keep your distance and that your braking distance is prolonged on wintry roads. Adjust your speed to the current weather conditions. If your winter tires have studs, you will have better traction and will fair better on ice. They key is to be humble to the forces of nature and drive cautiously. The SUV winter tires are there to keep you safer, but you also need to drive accordingly.

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