Best Tires For Winter

Best Tires For Winter

Best tires of winter will depend on whatweather conditions that you face in your area during the winter season. If you live in an area with ice, unplowed snow, or slush, then you’re going to want winter tires. There are basically three different tires that are approved for winter use, that is; certain all-weather tires, studded and non-studded winter tires.

A tire that is officially approved for winter onditions will have a symbol on the sidewall of the tire. The symbol is a mountaintop with three peaks and a snowflake symbol inside. If the tire has this symbol it means that it has passed tests in winter conditions. I would still recommend going for a high quality winter tire, due to the demanding circumstances that are present during the winter. You can’t really put a price on safety. I can assure you that the winter will demand the best a tire can deliver in order to keep you safe on the roads.

A good winter tire will have:

  • Deeper tire grooves to be able to push away snow and slush
  • Special tread design/pattern with sipes, to gain traction on challenging surfaces
  • Snowflake symbol, to ensure that it has been tested and approved for winter
  • Rubber compound that will remain soft at sub-zero temperatures

When you select between the three types that are approved for winter conditions, then the basic rule should be that if you have a real full fledge winter every year and that you are dependent on your car for daily commute, then go for a real winter tire, i.e. not a all-weather tire.  The extra safety obtained by a real winter tire, will be valuable when you have real winter weather.

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