Aramid Fibers In SUV Tires

Aramid Fibers In SUV Tires

Aramid fiber is a synthetic fiber, mostly known under the trade name Kevlar. It has much higher strength than other synthetic fibers, which is why it has found use in high tech environments. Aramid is often found in defense or space applications, like in bulletproof vests where they help to prevent bullets from injuring police or soldiers.

The great durability and its ability to stop bullets, also make it very good for making tires almost puncture proof. When added to the sidewalls, you protect the tires from being punctured by sharp objects when driving off-road. This makes it perfect for SUV tires. SUV tires will have a rugged tread design, to handle driving on really rough surfaces. The sharp surfaces from rocks and stones can easily puncture the sidewalls if they are not designed for these conditions. You don’t want to end up with a punctured tire, while you are in harsh conditions, where it might be more challenging to change your tires.

Not all SUV tires have aramid-reinforced sidewalls, but if you decide to go for a SUV tire that is designed for off-road driving, then make sure that the sidewalls are reinforced. There are good SUV summer tire options with aramid fiber reinforced sidewalls for better durability, so if you plan to drive in rough conditions, then make sure you get tires that are optimized for these conditions.

You will need to opt for a good quality tire if you want aramid reinforced sidewalls. Regardless if you are driving highways or if you are on rough surfaces while driving off-road, you want to make su  re that your tires will handle both without any problems.

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