Things You Might Not Know About All-Season Tires

Things You Might Not Know About All-Season Tires

With so many kinds of tires available, it might be confusing to know what they all are and when they should be used. The All-Season tire is a tire mainly targeted for summer, spring and fall. When the temperatures drop below 45°F the All-Season tires properties start to decrease. At this point it is safer to switch to a winter tire for that fourth remaining season, if you live in an area where all four seasons are present.

If you live in an area with only three seasons, an all-season tire will be a good tire that will serve you well throughout those seasons. If you experience winters, then you are probably better of with an all weather tires, which is designed to also handle winter conditions, or optionally go for a winter tire. The All-Weather tire can handle the snowy and slushy winters, however on if you have long and harsh winters or if you have icy conditions then you should go for a winter tire.

The options are vast, so there are lots of locations where an All-Season tire works perfectly as they don’t really have the winter weather. When a tire covers several different seasons or different weathers, there is always a compromise; you can always find a tire that would work better if it were designed for just that narrow specification. As the three seasons, spring, summer and fall are all quite similar, the compromise isn’t that big, but a summer tire that has been designed for the summer season, will perform better during that one season.

Even though all season tires are a cmpromise, if you get a good quality tire they will most likely outperform a cheaper tire even for that season that the cheap tire has been optimized for. A good manufacturer will be able to make an excellent compromise, that will perform very well during the three seasons and will behave great for the weather conditions that you will experience during that period.

To have one set of tires that you know will perform good during different weather conditions, will make you feel safe and comfortable and you can concentrate on getting a great driving experience. Just make sure that you select a low rolling resistant All-Season tire, to get good gas mileage.

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