Things You Should Not Do When You Buy New Tires For An Electric Car

When you are buying new tires for your electrical car, you need to consider a few things to make sure you don’t fall in some of the pitfalls. First, not everyone knows, that you need special tires for electrical cars. Tires made or recommended for electrical cars will be more wear resistant so that you don’t end up with a worn out tire too soon.

When you go to buy a new set of tires for your electric car you need to decide if you want an all weather tires, All-Season tire for the whole season or if you will need separate tires for the summer and winter season, and buy a set of winter tires and a set of summer tires. Once you have decided that, don’t just go for the cheapest tire in that category. That could be an expensive mistake. Here you need to make sure that the tires that you will consider have been developed for or are recommended for electrical cars.

As the wear tends to be higher it is important to monitor the tread depth of your tires. When the tread depth gets low, you will have bad grip on the roads and the tires will be more susceptible to aquaplaning. As the wear will be higher for the rear tires, which is opposite of the combustion engine cars, where the front wheel tires tend to wear out first. This is dependent on the weight distribution and the placement of the battery cells. So the best is to measure the tread depth to monitor the wear. It is recommended to rotate the tires between the rear and the front to even out the wear, this way you can shift all the tires at the same time when the are close to worn out with a tread depth of close to 2/32”.

So remember all tires are not all the same, so do your research and find the optimal tire for you and your car, so when you visit the tire shop you can make an informed decision and get one that is suitable for your car.

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