Best Tires For Your Electric Car

If you have made the decision to buy an electric car, you are probably happy for the decision you have made. If you bought the electric car brand new from the dealer, you will for sure have tires that are optimized for an electric car. When you need to replace the tires, make sure that you purchase tires that are optimized for electric cars and not just purchase any tire based on the fact that they are on sale or the price seemed right for your budget.

If you purchase the wrong tires, they will wear out quicker that a tire that has been optimized for an electric car. This is why the tire manufacturers have designed tires especially for electric cars. They might yield a bit higher price when you purchase the tire, but the extended wear will save you money in the long run.

Another aspect of an electric car is that you don’t have a noisy combustion engine, so the car is very quiet. If you purchase low quality tires, they tend to give a much higher noise when driving, which can be very disturbing when your car is quiet. This is something you might not notice in a normal car, but you might get very irritated by it in an electric car.

The last aspect is that you will definitely want a low roll resistant tire. For a combustion engine it will lead to better fuel economy and longer between gas station visits, for an electric car it will mean that you can get further between each charge. As you need to time and plan your charges more carefully with an electric car, due to the limited places where you can charge the car and the time it takes to charge it, this will be very important for you to be able to get further with each charge. Some of the top tire manufactures only use purified oils in the process and no toxic or carcinogenic chemicals in the process. So if your choice to buy an electric car was of environmental reason, then you should look for this in the tires you buy.

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