What Are Ultra High Performance Tires?

Performance Tires

There are different types of summer tires to choose from on the market, including extreme performance tires, max performance tires, high performance tires, performance tires and ultra high performance tires. In this article, we are focused on knowing what ultra high performance summer tires are.

Ultra high Performance (UHP) tires are simply low profile summer tires that are designed to provide responsive handling as well as crisp steering response in both dry and wet conditions. They are the best tires to buy if you have a sports car or high performance vehicle. They can handle the extra horsepower that these vehicles feature.

Ultra high performance tires can really improve the performance of your vehicle. They will enhance the grip of the vehicle, improve its cornering capability and dissipate heat better. They have been around for many years but were traditionally common on sports cars. Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers offer them on performance-tuned versions of most mainstream vehicles.

As you would expect, ultra-high performance tires are optimized for warm weather conditions and are designed to give you ultimate driving performance in wet and dry stopping and in cornering. However, they lose grip as temperatures drop close to 0 degrees Celsius. They are not intended to be used on roads covered with ice or snow.

If you come from a place that experiences harsh winters, you will need to switch to ultra high performance winter tires if you want to continue enjoying the best performance from your vehicle on the road. Ultra high performance winter tires feature a mountain and snowflake symbol on the sidewall and usually come in larger sizes intended for performance-oriented vehicles.

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