Risks of Using Summer Tires in Winter

Risks of Using Summer Tires in WinterIt is unavoidable to buy summer tires if you come from a place that experiences scorching hot summer season. Unless you do not plan on using your vehicle during the warm season, you must have summer tires to continue driving comfortably and safely on the road. While all season tires are suitable for spring, summer, and fall, it cannot deliver the same level of performance that dedicated summer tires can provide.

When you buy summer tires, you need to use them during the hotter months of the year. Using these tires during the other seasons is not recommended. Since the summer tires are specifically designed to be used on scorching roads, they are not good when it comes to treading on snowy roads. They feature a tread compound that is made up of rubber and fillers.  When you use them on snow- or ice-covered roads, the risk of skidding will be much higher. They are made with a special rubber compound that is meant to maintain a good grip on dusty roads and even on a slightly wet surface and layers of mud. However, such benefit is proven useless when you make sudden turns while driving your car on the wintry road.

The special rubber compound that the summer tires are made of also ensures that it does not become either too soft or too hard in summer. When used during winter, this very feature can result in more rolling resistance that causes your vehicle to use more gas. Unless you have much money to waste, you will not go ahead to use these tires in winter knowing the strain that they will be putting on your finances.

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