Questions to Ask When Buying Winter Tires

Winter TiresWinter tires may not seem necessary to you until you skid into a busy intersection for the first during the cold season. It can be a terrifying experience especially if your vehicle has summer tires installed on it. Most cars usually come with all season tires when you purchase them for the first time. Even though these tires are marketed as suitable tires for all four seasons of the year, they do not offer the same traction and braking power as winter tires during the cold season.

One prominent question that is needed to be asked is with how the tire is made. A tire is constructed from the inside out, starting at the inner liner. There are 20-25 different systems in every tire and up to 200 different materials. Fabric belts are wrapped around the inner liner with steel belts, more fabric belts and other materials layered between the tread surface and inner liner. These layers provide strength, noise suppression and ride quality. Another question you will need to ask yourself when you decide to buy winter tires is how often you will need to buy them. You can get about four or five years out of your winter tires depending on the severity of winter conditions in the place you come from. In some places that experience harsh winter conditions, you may only use winter tires for only one or two seasons.

Beyond the basic cost of raw materials or the fact that large truck tires use more materials than small passenger tires, advances made by design and production teams impact the ultimate price of tires, especially better tires. Changes to manufacturing processes, new materials, rubber chemistry and even rubber mixing technology are all closely guarded secrets. They can all impact tire performance, especially in stopping or turning your vehicle in different weather and driving conditions.   Better designs and more expensive materials translate into higher prices. With these set of standard questions when purchasing a specific tire, it is best to know better than to know less and regret the quality of the tire that you bought.

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