Your Guide To Buying The Best Winter Tires

Your Guide To Buying The Best Winter Tires

Driving on snowy and icy winter roads can be an easy thing if you have the right tires on your vehicle. If you are one of those drivers who doubt the efficacy of winter tires, you need to cast your doubts aside and buy them especially if you come from a place that experiences harsh winter weather. These tires are not an unnecessary expense as some people think. They might be the difference between a safe and comfortable ride and a risky drive that could put your life in danger when you are driving your vehicle on wintry roads.

When it comes to buying winter tires, four is the way to go. Do not just buy two best winter tires to fit on your front wheels or rear wheels and assume that that will be enough to improve your safety on the wintry roads. If you install just two winter tires on your rear wheels, your cornering capabilities will be adversely affected. If you fit two winter tires on the front wheels and leave all-season or summer tires on the rear wheels, you will be at risk of sliding off the road.

One of the things that you should also keep in mind is size. To know the right size of winter tires to buy, you just need to determine the size of your current tires. The size is usually embossed on the sidewalls of the tires. You can also find it on the door frame or edge sticker on your car. It appears as a mix of numbers and letters that assume the following format: P225/65R16 or LT265/70R17. In case you do not know what these letters and numbers mean, make sure that you seek help from an expert.

You will also need to know how to differentiate studded and non-studded winter tires. Both these tires are designed to be used in winter conditions but have a few differences. A studded tire will be ideal if you come from a place that experiences unusually harsh winter weather. It has metal studs that dig deeper into ice and slush to provide improved traction and control on the wintry roads. Non-studded tires will be ideal if you come from a place that experiences moderate winter weather.

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