How to Shop for the Best Winter Tires For Your SUV

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When winter comes, you should invest in the best winter tires if you still want to continue enjoying the best driving experience on the road. All-season tires are designed to perform well in spring, summer and fall but in the areas that experience very harsh winters, dedicated winter tires are the best option. On ice, snow or even cold pavement, the stopping distance for an SUV that is equipped with winter tires can be significantly shorter compared to a car that has all-season tires. This means that you would be at high risk of getting involved in an accident if you insist on using all-season tires on icy and snowy winter roads.

Even though buying the best SUV winter tires does not automatically guarantee your safety on the snowy, slushy and icy winter roads, they are probably an excellent place to start. If you combine them with excellent driving skills on your SUV and some common sense, you can make it safely to your destination regardless of how bad the weather gets. You need to make sure that these tires are at the top of your list when the cold winter starts approaching.

When you go shopping for winter tires, it is imperative that you choose the right ones for your SUV as well as the winter condition of the location. In the tire shops that you will visit, you will notice that there are two types of winter tires, namely studded winter tires, and non-studded tires. The distinguishing feature of the studded tires is the metal pins that are called studs. The studs dig deeper into ice and snow and provide improved traction and control of your vehicle. Winter tires that have these pins recommend for use in areas that experience extreme winter weather conditions.

Non-studded winter tires, on the other hand, do not have the metal studs. Instead, they have tiny slits in the tread pattern called Sipes. The Sipes meant for improving traction just like the metal studs. Those who favour non-studded tires are also likely to appreciate the pleasant driving feel. Nowadays, the noise level of most studded tires is very low, but they still cannot compete with the silent non-studded winter tires.

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