Hot Season With Summer Tires

Summer Tires

All-season, summer and winter tires are the three major types of tires that are used for our vehicles. According to the season, we choose which of them to use. However, the most important thing is that we need all these three kinds of tires, because in different weather conditions we need a specific one.

The most commercial type of tires is all-season tires because a huge number of different brands produce them. However, this isn’t the only reason. Those tires can be used during the whole year if there isn’t ice or snow. They have incredible treads made from tough and solid compounds which allow us to use them when the temperatures are close to 50 degrees and nearly 90 on the road surface. They also have excellent traction when it is wet, which is good for three seasons.

In case your area has only minus temperatures through the whole year, or you get all four seasons then there is a recommended usage of the winter tires. Their incredible soft grip helps achieve the perfect adhesion with the ice and the snow. Hence, such tires can help us drive safer even in bad weather conditions. Furthermore, we do not need to put chains on our tires, because the winter tires have even better performance.

The summer tires are necessary when the season is hot. They share similar qualities with the all-season tires, but the material used is different as well as the technology. First, summer tires have extraordinary steadiness, near to the one hundred and twenty degrees, which provides superb traction and cohesion. It also means we will have much more time to enjoy them. High and Ultra-High performance are used most in regular use.

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