Features To Look For When Buying Studded Tires

Studded Tires

Studded tires can be exactly what you need to able to have safe driving experience in winter. Since the roads can be very unpredictable during this time of the year, it is wise to have winter tires on your vehicle than take chances with summer tires that are not designed to be driven on snowy roads. The studded tires have metal studs within their tread to provide added traction when you are driving on snowy or icy winter roads.

When looking for the right studded tires to purchase, there are various features you need to look for. The first one is durability. If you have ever bought a replacement tire in the past, you already know that it is not cheap. So you need to make sure that the studded tires you want to buy will last longer for you to be able to get value for the money that you will invest in them. By choosing quality tires, you can get winter tires that can last for 20,000 miles or even more.

Another feature you should look for when purchasing studded tires is warranty. There are tire manufacturers who offer at least five years warranty that covers manufacturing defects on the studded tires that they sell. If you buy the cheapest winter tires, you may not be able to benefit from such warranty. Some tire companies also offer treadwear warranty for the winter tires that they sell.

Last but not least, you need to make sure that the studded tires you want to buy have fundamental features for ensuring a secure grip on the wintry roads. These features include a pliable tread compound, proper tread design as well as enough tread depth. If you buy a tire that does not have these features, you cannot be guaranteed of an exciting riding experience when you are driving in the hazardous cold weather conditions. The wintertime performance of your tires will be hugely affected if they do not have these qualities.

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