Tips For Choosing Between Studded and Non-Studded Winter Tires

Studded Winter Tires

When looking for top winter tires to purchase, thee are various factors you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to decide whether you need studded or non-studded tires. While both of them are winter tires, they have some differences. It is essential to take your time to learn about them as much as possible before you make your choice. You do not want to buy a particular type of winter tire and end up regretting when it does not perform as you expected.

In the case where autumn conditions are hard to predict, you should consider buying non-studded winter tires. The good thing about them is that once you mount them on your vehicle, you will not need to remove them until the cold season is over. You will be well prepared for the unpredictable weather as well as temperatures of the autumn season as winter approaches.

When purchasing top winter tires, you also need to keep in mind that driving on snow is different from driving on ice. If you come from a region where the roads tend to be more snowy in winter, your vehicle will be better off with non-studded tires. They feature sipes and other features that make them quite perfect for such roads. However, if the roads in your area are usually icy in winter, you should consider buying studded tires. The metal studs that they are equipped with will dig into ice and prevent the vehicle from the sliding off the road.

It is also important to keep in mind that the quietness of your ride will be affected by the type of winter tire you will choose. If this is something you want to achieve every time you hit the road, you should go for studless tires. They provide a less noisy ride in mild winter conditions compared to their studded counterparts. However, the current studded tires are not that bad when it comes to noise. Compared to the studded tires of the past, they provide a much quieter ride and are more comfortable.

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