Why Studded Tires Are The Best For Harsh Winter Weather

Buying a vehicle is certainly a huge investment that comes with a lot of responsibilities. After using the vehicle for some time, you would need to replace the tires it came with with new ones in order to avoid the risks of using worn out tires on the road. Sometimes you may not even need to wait until the tires the vehicle came with are worn out to replace them. For instance, if you bought the vehicle with all season tires and come from a place that experiences harsh winters, you may need to switch to studded tires when winter approaches.

Studded tires are designed to be used in harsh winter conditions with a lot of freezing water, ice and snow on the road. They stay soft and flexible even when temperatures on the roads drop below 7 degrees Celsius. They are the only type of tires that can provide ultimate grip on ice. Even non-studded tires that are also meant for use in cold temperatures cannot beat the studded tires when it comes to driving on ice packed roads. They are the best choice for black ice and heavy snow.

One unique feature that the studded winter tires have that you cannot find on any other type of tire is the metal studs. The surface of these tires has holes with metal studs that usually dig deeper into icy roads for better traction performance and braking. Apart from the metal studs, the studded tires also feature an aggressive tread design for pushing away water and slush when you are driving on wintry roads. The tread of these tires has sipes or fine slits that grip ice and snow when you are driving in order to prevent it from hindering your tires’ performance on the road.

You may be wondering if you really need studded winter tires when the cold season sets in. It is not a must to buy these tires because there are other tire options you can go for, for example all weather tires. But if you want to drive more comfortably and safely on the winter roads, it would be definitely worth it to buy the studded tires. Ice and snow play havoc with the roads during the harsh winter weather and make them too hard to drive on. With the studded tires, driving on these roads will be a less daunting experience.

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