Reasons To Buy All Season Tires For Your Vehicle

Things You Should Not Do When You Buy New Tires For Your SUV

With different types of tires on the market, you may have a difficult time trying to figure out which is the right tire for your vehicle when the time for replacing the ones it came with comes. Some people prefer having separate tires for winter and summer while those who do like the hassle of swamping tires every winter or summer prefer all season tires. An all season tire is simply a tire that is designed to provide a safe driving experience throughout the year.

So why should you choose all season tires over other types of tires? The first reason is that the all season tires have longer treadwear. Most of them are designed for longer treadwear compared to their summer counterparts. When installed and used properly, you will see them last about two to three months longer compared to summer tires. You will also enjoy a quiet ride when you install all-season tires on your vehicle. Some people normally have the notion that they are louder than summer tires, but this is just a misconception. Even though you can find summer tires that are relatively quiet, most of them tend to focus more on grip as well as handling performance.

Another reason why you should definitely consider buying all season tires for your vehicle is that they provide a smooth and softer ride. They feature a stiffer sidewall for better handling on all types of roads. If you are operating on a tight budget, you can rest assured that you will not break your bank account when you buy the all-season tires because of their lower price point. Since most summer tires are made with the latest technology, they are typically more expensive compared to all-season tires of the same class.

Last but not least, all season tires tend to have a longer warranty compared to summer and winter tires. Depending on the size of tire you will buy, you can get a wear warranty of as high as 80,000 miles. It is very rear to find a summer tire that has a treadwear warranty. If you manage to find one that has the warranty, it is likely to be too short. This means that you will be able to benefit a lot from manufacturer repairs or replacements with all season tires than the other types of tires.

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