Winter Tires And How to Buy Them



Buying winter tires is something that you cannot avoid if you come from a state that experiences very cold winters. If the temperatures in your state fall below negative 7 degrees Celsius in winter, you cannot possibly drive on the roads with all season or summer tires. Since the roads are icy and very slippery that time, you cannot be able to drive your car comfortably if it has top winter tires. These tires feature a tread design with gaps that are bigger compared to those of summer tires to increase traction on ice and snow.

Both the government and the automobile association supports the use of winter tires in order to minimize road accidents. So when you invest in top winter tires in winter, you can rest assured that you are doing something that does not contravene the law in any way. Apart from being able to drive comfortably on snow and ice packed roads, the winter tires will help keep you safe on those roads. They provide great resistance against slippage when you are driving on the wet, icy winter roads. Unlike all season and summer tires that put you at the risk of sliding off the road especially when you apply emergency brakes, the winters will do a great job of keeping you comfortable on the road.

If you are wondering where you can buy top winter tires, you simply need to check them at local tire shops. They are normally sold by all retailers in places that are likely to experience ice and snow in winter. They will cost you anywhere between $35 and $150 per piece. This price may vary depending on the brand of winter tire you are interested in. Some of the features you need to check when choosing these tires include the quality of the grip, studs as well as quality of rubber.

It is important to do your research properly if you are about to buy a winter tire for the first time. For any tire to be classified as a winter tire, it should be able to meet specific standards. When on a road that has a light amount of ice or snow, it should be able to maintain a traction index of at least 110. If you come across a tire that has anything lower than this, do not buy it especially if you expect to drive it on snow or ice packed roads.

When choosing top winter tires, it is imperative that you know the size of tire rims. There are two things that you can do: first, you can install the winters that you will buy on existing rims and second, you can get separate rims for the tires that you will buy. Be sure to review your options carefully and select your winter tires based on your budget, how you drive as well as the temperature and weather in the region that you come from. A tire technician can help you a great deal when you are making your selection.

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