Things To Know When Purchasing The Best Winter Tires


There are a lot of things that people usually do in preparation for the onset of winter. One of the things that people who have cars usually do is making sure that they have a set of best winter tires ready for this season. Since driving on ice or snow packed roads with a car that has summer tires is almost impossible, you just have to make sure that you have winter tires for your car. Do wait until very late to start looking for the winter tires. It is a good idea to purchase them as early as possible.

Before you go out to buy the best winter tires, there are a number of things you need to know about them. First, you need to know that the tread depth of the tires you will choose is very important. At the start of the winter, the minimum tread depth that you require is 4.8 millimeter. A tire that has anything less than this may not be able to take you through the entire winter season. You may be required to buy new tires before the season is over, something that will cause you to spend a lot of money.

The pressure of the winter tires you will buy is another important thing you need to know. The
pressure is very critical to handling especially if your vehicle uses low profile tires. Even after you have purchased the tires, you will still need to check the pressure at least once every month. But when it gets too cold to the extent that the tire valves are freezing, there will be no need of checking the pressure. If you do not have an idea about the right pressure to set your tires in winter, make sure that you check the owner’s manual for that information.

You also need to know how to install the winter tires that you will buy. On most vehicles, these tires are supposed to be fixed on all four wheels. When you put two winter tires on the front wheels and leave two summer tires on the back wheels, your car will become unstable and unbalanced. The rear wheels require the winter tires just as much as the front wheels for maximum braking performance as well as steering conditions in winter weather.

There are some people that may argue that buying all season tires is better than buying winter tires because of the savings that you would get. Even though all season tires are still good for winter, you can only use them in mild winter conditions. But for places that experience harsh winter conditions, you would have to look for the best winter tires that are made of a softer and spongier rubber that grips much better in colder weather. The winter tires also have deeper grooves and large blocky treads that bite into snow aggressively. In summer, you have to remove the winter tires from your vehicle to avoid wearing them out.

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