What To Know About Snow Tires

Buying new snow tires is not something to take lightly. Since the tires play a very important role in the reliability, performance and safety of your vehicle, you need to make sure that whatever you are buying will give you value for your money. The snow tires are specifically designed to work in low temperatures. You should not confuse them with summer and all season tires. They normally feature a soft compound to make sure that there is good grip when you are driving your car on a snowy or icy road.

Identifying snow tires and differentiating them from the rest of the tires on the market should not be a problem. When you look at them, you will see that there are more grooves in the tread pattern compared to all weather tires. The additional grooves are meant to provide extra grip when you are driving on slick surfaces. Another thing that you will notice when you look at snow tires is the M&S or M+S sign that simply tells you that they are designed to be mud or snow tires. However, there are some manufacturers that use different labels for their snow tires. So do not too surprised when you come across tires that do not have the M&S or M+S sign.

There are some snow tires that feature metal studs. The studs are just one way of increasing traction of the tires when you are driving in wet, icy or snowy conditions. They usually work by roughening up the ice as you drive on the road. Ordinary tires do not have the metal studs because they tend to cause damage to the surface on which they are being driven over long periods of time. They are very common on tires that are used for ice racing and other related sports.

Another thing that you will notice when you look at the snow tires is their large, chunky tread patterns. The tread patterns are made that way in order to help clear mud or ice that gets trapped in the tires when you are driving your vehicle in winter. The snow tires tend to be wider compared to the ordinary tires to allow the weight to be distributed over a much wider area. The big size is always a good thing because it helps prevent your vehicle from sinking in the ice, snow or mud that you are driving your vehicle through.

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