Why to use a radial tire in the forest?

There is currently only one radial forest tire available for cut to length (CTL) forestry and that is the Nokian Forest Rider, which can be used on all CTL machines that has the same dimension of tires in case you want to upgrade.

These tires will improve the grip on your forwarder or harvester as you work through hard conditions. If you need new forwarder or harvester tires, make sure to consider these.

They have some of the best driving comfort of any forestry tires as you drive through rough terrain with stumps and rocks. These tires enable you to drive and work at higher speed, which can improve productivity.

They exhibit a very wide contact area, which makes gives it a lower surface pressure than a conventional bias tire. This is beneficial both from the point of view that the impact on the terrain is reduced causing less stress and then it improves your driving properties as you don’t sink when you drive over soft surfaces.

Regardless if you need chains or tracks, the Nokian Forest rider performs great. With tracks they even perform better than traditional diagonal forestry tires. They can ensure that you can get up those challenging hills regardless if there is rain, mud or snow.

These forestry tires have some of the best puncture resistant due to its patented side-puncture protection and its steel reinforcement, makes them have enough steel to meet any challenge in the forest.

For long trouble free service life, here you have an extremely durable tire that can help keep your operation up and running and improve productivity while also saving cost for your overall operations. This will also keep the workers more comfortable and satisfied.

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The safest tires during winter are winter-approved tires

For the winter season it is recommended that you use winter-approved all-weather tires, a year-round tire you can use in all weather conditions, whether there is winter or summer weather. When the temperature drops they act as winter tires and at high temperatures they act as summer tires.

It is important to understand that despite the name, all-season tires should not be used during wintertime. They are to be used in all seasons except the winter season. All-season tires, just like summer tires, become hard at low temperatures, as the rubber used is not optimized for low temperatures. Hard rubber can’t create the same grip and traction as soft tires.

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Tires for off-road use for your SUV

Originally the reason for getting an SUV or 4-wheel drive vehicle was for off-road driving. This is not so much the reason anymore; however, many people still like to have the possibility to drive theirs car off-road occasionally. Some people even like the look of big knobby mud tires, but the truth is that if most of your driving is city driving then these kinds of tires might not be the best choice. There are tires today that allow for driving off road while handling excellently on asphalt and regular freeway driving, giving you the ability to do both.

The Nokian Rotiiva HT SUV has one of the most advanced highway tread designs with industry-leading technology. It is an ultra-quiet and study tire that provides comfort and safety. It handles well on asphalt and gravel alike and is crafted to handle light off-road conditions. It makes use of many new innovations that keep the main grooves clean thereby improving hydroplaning properties while extending the tire life by preventing stone drilling.

Other innovations used in these tires are the all new high-modulus tread compound, stone ejectors, silent groove design, Silent Sidewall technology, polished grooves and low rolling resistance, which makes it an environmentally friendly tire. With its staggered lateral grooves, it can handle any weather as it removes water with ease and maintains a good grip on the road, thereby ensuring good handling of the SUV. Aramid Sidewall technology is one of the strongest sidewall compounds on the market and allows this tire to be incredibly durable and able to resist both cuts and impacts thanks to strong aramid fibers. In fact, this same material is used in the aerospace and defense industries. Groove lifts that are shaped between the tread blocks on the outer shoulder area improve precision and steering feel, especially when driving fast around corners. Circumferential grooves located on the tire’s shoulders allow for improved lateral grip while reducing rolling resistance.

Whether you choose all-season or SUV all-weather tires, if the intention is to drive off-road or on gravel and rocky roads it is important to have a high-quality tire that features new innovations like stone ejectors and Aramid Sidewall technology. Both are made to make off-road driving safer.

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How to choose tires to optimize performance of your SUV

Tire manufacturers cater to the SUV market by producing more and more high-performance quality SUV tires for all seasons. It seems like these days you see more SUVs than passenger cars on the market. In fact, in 1999 U.S sales of SUVs and light trucks exceeded sales of regular passenger cars for the first time. Most people don’t own an SUV for its four-wheel drive capabilities, but rather for the additional space and even status. However, some studies have shown that SUVs are safer than sedans.

To optimize the performance of your SUV, it is important to have high-quality tires. The Nokian zLine A/S SUV is designed to offer safety and performance while providing a luxurious driving experience throughout the year. These SUV all-season tires are made to support heavier SUVs while maintaining excellent handling and stability. Designed with high-end sport SUVs in mind, the tire’s Silent Sidewall technology offers a peaceful, controlled driving experience. Aramid Sidewall technology allows for increased protection against impact and cuts thanks to strong aramid fibers, the same ones that are used in the aerospace industries, rendering the tires resistant to punctures.

If you live in an area with potential severe winter weather, you might consider SUV all-weather tires like the Nokian WR G4 SUV, a rugged yet high-performance tire apt to handle all weather conditions throughout the year with the advantage of the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol that certifies it for use on winter roads. Heavier SUVs need good tires to allow for good grip and traction, especially when faced with snow or ice. It allows for great handling and grip no matter what road conditions so you can enjoy safe comfortable handling not matter what the forecast gives. This allows for an enjoyable ride whether on asphalt or snow packed roads. These tires combine safety and performance for fast driving throughout the year.

Whether choosing SUV all-season tires or SUV all-weather tires or even dedicated SUV winter tires in the winter, it is important to choose a high-performing tire if you want to get the most out of your SUV.

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Why all-weather tires are a better choice in areas with severe winters

If you live in an area with severe winters and possibly unpredictable weather leading up to winter, you might be better off equipping your car with all-weather tires. The reason for this is that all-weather tires are made to handle anything from dry asphalt to snow and ice on the road. In many areas of the United States winters can come with little warning, which can be quite dangerous if you are not equipped with proper tires. In areas like this you would be better off with all-weather tires, as they are rated for winter use.

The Nokian WR G4 is a high performing true all-weather tire that retains predictable grip all year long on wet and snowy roads. This will give you the peace of mind to handle any abrupt changes in season. It will allow for better handling on black ice which can appear during morning hours in the fall. New innovations and its all-weather dual performance compound ensures excellent wear resistance and fuel savings. Blade Grooves allow for proper routing of rain, snow and slush to keep proper contact with the surface, thereby protecting from hydroplaning. Hydroplaning can also happen with slush that is present after snow melts. This is fairly common when the snow falls and quickly melts due to warmer weather in the daytime.

If the area where you live does not have winters and enjoys milder seasonal changes, then all-season tires might be a possibility. Rain is probable, since it’s the one thing that is fairly common in the fall no matter where you live. This, in combination with wind, makes the choice of good tires an important one. Every driver needs a good set of tires that can handle rain and remain stable in high winds. The good news is that with the new innovations in all-season tires, they come well equipped to handle most weather conditions in three seasons of the year.

All-season tires are a great option for all year-round driving, including the fall, if you live in an area without winters. All-weather tires are a better choice for year-round driving in areas with severe winter weather, ensuring proper handling on snow and ice as well. The weather in your area should help you decide which tires to choose.

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Why all-season tires are a good choice for hybrid or electric cars

All-season tires are a great choice for hybrid and electric cars. This is because they are made with low rolling resistance, providing a decrease in the amount of energy needed for each journey and therefore allowing the hybrid or electric car to go further. This is a good year-round tire if you live in an area with mild winters.

All-season tires are a great choice for hybrid and electric cars. This is because they are made with low rolling resistance, providing a decrease in the amount of energy needed for each journey and therefore allowing the hybrid or electric car to go further. This is a good year-round tire if you live in an area with mild winters.

If you live in an area of the United States that experiences severe winter weather, you should consider all-weather tires or changing into winter tires when temperatures turn cold. The reason for this is that the all-season tires are actually for three seasons, spring through fall. This might be confusing, as you would think an all-season tire would be able to be used all seasons as the name implies. But if you’re looking for a tire to handle severe winter weather and if you are not willing to change tires, then you would be better off with all-weather tires. These tires are rated for severe winter weather and carry the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake emblem signifying their use in severe weather. This is the same emblem carried by winter tires.

Most hybrid and electric cars come equipped with all-season tires from the factory, and they remain a good choice for hybrid and electric cars if you live in an area with mild winters. This includes tires like the Nokian eNTYRE 2.0, an all-season tire with low rolling resistance manufactured by a company dedicated to the environment . Nokian Tyres tire crafts tires that minimize rolling resistance, which is important since between four and 11 percent of a car’s fuel is used up providing the energy to propel the tires along the road (the definition of rolling resistance). It should also be noted that Nokian Tyres products are made with purified oils and contain no toxic or carcinogenic chemicals.

The Nokian eNTYRE 2.0’s innovative design provides ultimate safety and excellent handling on wet and dry surfaces while remaining an environmentally friendly tire. The tire comes with many innovative features, such as Silent Sidewall technology, polished grooves and the new high-modulus tread compound. All these features make the eNTYRE 2.0 a premium all-season product apt to handle almost any driving surface and provide ultimate protection against hydroplaning.

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Why winter tires are a good idea even on an SUV

The reason winter tires are a good idea even on an SUV is because it is actually the tires that grip the road and provide traction. This is even more important on an SUV as they are heavier vehicles than regular passenger cars and require more grip and traction to stop and accelerate. This is especially true if you live in an area of heavy snow and real winter conditions. Many people are under the false assumption that owning an SUV or having four-wheel drive exempts you from needing winter tires. Even though it is not mandatory to equip your car with winter tires in most areas in the United States, it comes highly recommended especially if you live in the “winter tire belt” region of the United States.

There are many high-quality SUV winter tires on the market like the Nokian Nordman 7 SUV . The advantage of a tire like the Nokian Nordman 7 SUV is that it is available both factory-studded and without studs. This gives the consumer the option to decide while resting assured they have invested in an officially approved winter use tire carrying the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol.

The Nokian Nordman 7 SUV tire uses new innovations and modern stud technology to provide the ultimate grip on ice and snow for those who opt for SUV studded tires. This tire has the Nokian Eco Stud 8 Concept, a next-generation anchor stud with a flange design that reduces impact, and the patented Eco Stud cushion further dampens the road contact. Together with the innovative stud distribution, the Nokian Eco Stud 8 concept provides the tire with supreme winter properties such as excellent grip while braking and accelerating while offering more wear resistance and added driving comfort.

Winter tires are usually made of rubber compounds that remain flexible and soft even under low temperatures. In addition, the Nokian Nordman 7 SUV also features an innovation called the Brake Booster, a saw-tooth pattern on the rear edges of the tread blocks that increases the tire’s contact with the driving surface and improves braking grip, especially on snow and ice. It is important when putting on winter tires that you are aware of the laws in the area where you live.

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Tire maintenance for the highest loads and biggest tires

The main objective of tire maintenance is to avoid letting small tire related problems to cause bigger problems, accidents, damages or injuries. When it comes to the tires for heavy equipment, the tires are very big, the tire pressure is very high and the loads that are being carried are very heavy. In addition when problems happen they are not necessarily easy to fix or attend to. The problems can occur deep in the forest or deep down in a mine. These places can be hard to reach, costly to repair and the downtime can be long, resulting in delays and costly repairs.

These facts puts more pressure on having an effective proactive tire maintenance program in place to strive towards reducing any unscheduled downtime and avoiding serious problems such as personnel injuries and costly accidents. The frequency of the preventive maintenance should be assessed based on historical data taking into account the equipment used, the specific tires used and any irregularities. For mining tires working deep down in a mine, working in extremely rough conditions, the maintenance will of course differ than for backhoe tires doing road maintenance and the cost implications might differ. The same goes for forestry tires, where getting stuck deep in the forest will have some potentially significant cost impacts.

Not only the frequency and the quality of the maintenance is of important, the quality of the tires and that the tire selection process is done correctly becomes almost as important if not even more important. The procurement department has to work share the information to ensure that they both work together at achieving the best overall cost effective solution that increases productivity and reduces all related costs including both the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance costs.

Hopefully by procuring the right tire, that are optimized for the work that is being performed and are made for the loads and conditions, then you will have less maintenance and fewer problems, resulting in better work morale combined with fewer personnel injuries. Delays and waiting around for things to get fixed is never good for the workers and it is costly and often causes delays to the overall project. So if you notice too many unscheduled downtime, then check both your tire selection and your maintenance process.

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Use radial tires for CTL forest machines

Nokian Forest Rider is the only radial forest tire on the market, which gives you excellent grip and the most comfortable driving experience. The forest is not known for providing you with good driving comfort due to the bumpy surface and hard stumps, but these tires actually provide you with a smooth drive even at higher speeds. If you need tires that can work in extreme conditions and still provide excellent grip both with and without chains on steep slopes, these will give you very long service life.

Even on snow and ice, these tires provide excellent grip and traction even without tracks and still due to the large contact area the surface pressure is lower. This means that they avoid sinking on soft surfaces and avoid adding stress to the terrain. The tires also have world class puncture protection due to patented sidewall protectors combined with steel belts, so you don’t have to worry about sharp rocks or stumps. This can make the work routine faster as you don’t have to drive slowly. You have the driving comfort and the traction for speeds without slippage, so you can increase productivity.

These radial tires can fit on any same dimension CTL forestry machine, so if you want to upgrade to the only radial tire offered for CTL machines, then go for the Nokian Forest Rider and you can enjoy superior traction, stability with or without tracks.

If you instead need tires for FTL, you might want to go for the Nokian Logger King LS-2, which is not a radial tire, but a logger tire that can handle the harshest condition for the biggest machines. These tires have enough steel in the tires to protect you against anything in the woods. It combines excellent grip with longer service life. These skidder tires have special bead rubber compound to reduce rim slips, to minimize any problems and to make sure that you have long trouble free service life. It can be used with or without tracks and has high groove bottom on the shoulder area, so that it can provide good support for the tracks.

Whatever tire you choose, you will need to make the best tire choice for your machines. Nokian Tyres is currently the global market leader in forestry tires, for tires when you need to get the job done.

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The best terminal tires for different equipment

Terminal tractors are the main machines that are using tires in the terminals for moving either goods or containers around the port area. You also have RTG-tires on the RTG cranes and the straddle carrier. They are having similar work environment, where they have very high loads, need for good steering response and easy of wheel turning under heavy loads, which is helped by its tread pattern. Tracks are also used, but the wheeled equipment has more flexibility to move things around and sorting and finding containers.

The terminal tractors tend to operate in small areas, where they have to maneuver the containers with limited space and narrow margins. They have to handle massive load capacity and they often have a low profile so that you can manage better in vary tight spaces with limited vehicle height. To handle the heavy loads the terminal tractor tires will have a sturdy multi-layer structure. The terminal tractor will mainly move around the containers that are already on the trailer, before it is picked up or after it was dropped off. This allows for speedy reallocation of the containers around the port area.

For the straddle carriers you will need to have sturdy tires to make sure to avoid that the containers or the equipment start swinging, which will slow down the work and can potentially cause accidents. Durability is key, as it is not easy to change these tires, so wear resistance is of utter importance. You can select slick or grooved, where the slick gives you better driving comfort. The tires need to also have excellent grip on wet or icy surfaces, so that they can operate even during winter conditions.

To achieve the high productivity needed and to ensure that delays are avoided, which is needed due to the high volume of containers every day, the tires will need to have special tread compound for terminal use, with very low heat build up and low tyre wear, as tire problems would take time to fix, so you will need long trouble free service life and low wear, so that they can operate for a long time without unscheduled downtime. So when selecting tires for terminal equipment, make sure to base the decision based on the durability and long operating hours for higher productivity year in and year out.

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