Heavy truck tires for the long haul

As more goods are being transported by road transport, there is a constant need for heavy truck tires. These long haul tires should have low rolling resistance to ensure that your fleet is operating with good fuel efficiency and low fuel costs. They should also have low wear to allow for long lifetime and long operating hours.

If you choose high quality truck tires, you will get a tire that will give you the low rolling resistance and the long service life. It will also allow for retreading of the tires as long as the carcass is in good condition. A tire can be retreaded 1 to 2 times, depending on the condition of the carcass after each use. Retreaded saves a lot of money from the fleet’s tire budget as well as it is an economical approach, by reusing the carcass before it goes to waste.

Truck tires need to be able to perform in all weather, from dry to wet and in some cases even winter conditions. If you will be driving in winter conditions, then you should get truck tires from the Nokian Tyres range that is the world’s leader of winter tires for trucks and buses. Nokian Tyres has a large range of truck tires, both steering, drive and trailer tires. They have the alpine 3PMSF symbol on the sidewalls that make it legal to drive on the Nordic roads during winter where the regulations makes it mandatory to use winter tires during the winter season.

Driving safety is of key importance regardless of weather and making sure that you get the products delivered on time is important to avoid penalties. Long haul tires provides good grip and stability with tread pattern made for various weathers. It is important to make sure that you have a proper tire maintenance schedule for the fleet to ensure that the tire pressure and condition of the tires are checked. Since low tire pressure is the main reason to tire failures while driving, ensuring that the tires are properly inflated before the long haul is important. In most of the cases the majority of the problems comes from the trailer tires, which gets less attention. The fact that the trailer has dual tires, makes also the checking a bit more time consuming and therefore often neglected, but it will impact your fleets profitability as there are more unscheduled maintenance and downtime due to this.

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Skidder tires for full tree logging

In the markets where full tree logging still dominates, you will need to make sure that you equip your skidder with high quality skidder tires and why not choose tires from the global market leader in forestry tires, Nokian Tyres. Nokian Tyres have 2 tires that are suitable for skidders, they have the Nokian Logger King LS-2 and the Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2. They are both made for the biggest machinery operating in the hardest conditions.

The Logger King LS-2 is designed for long, trouble free service life in heavy skidder use. The tire is built to and offers excellent puncture resistance due to steel breakers. The tread has self-cleaning properties to allow for excellent grip even in wet and muddy conditions. This tire can be used with or without over the tire tracks, which can easily be assembled if needed. The special rubber compound is specially designed for the harsh conditions in the forest with stubs and rocks that can damage the tires.The Nokian Forest King LS-2 offers a steel fortified tire with durable rubber compound specially designed for skidders. This tire is also for the high loads and the tire is very cut and crack resistant. It also offers excellent grip due to the straight tread.

Nokian Tyres also has a range of tires for forest tractors and logger trucks tires. It is advisable to consult the technical tire manual to assure that you select the correct tire for the challenges that you face. The manual allows you to select the correct dimension and ensures that it can handle the load at the various tire pressures.

The Nokian Tyres is a global market leader as it has been working closely with both its customers as well as the equipment manufacturers to develop tires that can overcome the challenges of its customers. It produces some of the most durable tires for the most challenging conditions. This is what you need to avoid problems when you operating on distant sites. You do however need to make sure that you follow the tire guidelines and proper maintenance to avoid unscheduled downtime due to tire related problems. These tires are built to last, so hopefully by choosing the best tires on the market you can avoid problems and associated downtime and enjoy a high productivity forestry operations.

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Wheeled equipment in mining and tunneling operations

When you work underground you definitely have some of the toughest conditions for tires. With the constant heavy loads and sharp rocks, causing cuts and bruises to the tires day in and out, you need to make sure that you have some of the most durable tires available. Underground is not the best place to have tire related problems due to bad tires or bad tire maintenance. This is what makes the tire selection so important as you do not want unscheduled downtime and project delays that can be very costly.

You will need mining tires that have all of these properties, such as durability, good wear resistance, great grip, heavy load bearing and self-cleaning tread. Tires for the drill rigs also need special highly cut resistance carcass to protect from freshly blasted rock. Good maneuverability is also very important as the space in tunnels and mines is limited, so you will need to maneuver and turn precisely with good control.

It is always advisable to consult the technical tire manual so that you can check regarding the load levels and the inflation pressure for the tires for each machine. It will also guide you for the best replacement tires once your tires are worn out. Since tire selection is so important to ensure the best productivity and each machine will require special tires with specific tread design, you will probably have numerous different tires for your different equipment used, as you will have special mining condition loader tires and excavator tires, that are often more durable than the tires for same equipment in other working environments.

A reliable tire that can give long trouble-free service life. It is recommended to clean the tires and check them for any cuts or cracks, so that you know that they are in good condition for the next shift. Tires tend to have good tread level indicator that makes it easy to read how much tread you have left, so that you can change in good time. With proper service routines and enough scheduled maintenance so that you can limit or avoid any downtime. Proper tire selection is of course an essential part in avoiding unscheduled downtime, if you experience above industry average downtime, consider using different tires or switch tire brand for a more durable mining tires

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Your agricultural yield can be affected by your tire choice

In todays changing farming environment, it is more important to make sure that your yield is not negatively impacted while at the same time making sure that you keep all costs at minimum during operations. Ensuring a high yield is always of highest importance to assure a profitable operation. Every possible step to improve the yield should be taken. This involves every step of the process from selection the highest yield crops, to fertilizers and proper irrigation. Then also selecting tires that don’t cause compaction of the soil that can reduce the yield.

For agricultural applications, the best tires to minimize the compaction of the soil are flotation tires that have a large surface area and can minimize the contact pressure. It is not only the tractors that need flotation tires; you also need it on your slurry tanker, trailers and other towed equipment. This will ensure that you will have low compaction from all your equipment that is moving on the field. For your tractor it is important to choose if it will spend the majority of the time on the field or on roads, as the tire choice will also depend on this.

Once choosing proper agricultural tires and agricultural trailer tires that have minimal effect on the soil you have taken steps to maximize the yield and, you should concentrate on improving productivity and decreasing the costs. Equipment and tire costs plus fuel costs belong to the ones that can be impacted with proper selection and maintenance. You want to make sure that the tires will have both good grip and control so that you can fulfill the tasks without delays.

Improved productivity by being able to spend less effort and time performing the tasks will then have an impact on your cost budget. High quality tires will have low rolling resistance, which gives you better fuel economy and reduces your fuel costs. High quality tires will also be more wear resistant so that they will give you longer lifetime and more operating hours. Proper tire maintenance will then work towards reducing any unscheduled downtime, which can add substantial costs and delays. Make sure that you check the tire pressure to make sure that you keep it in the right level as per the technical tire manual and then also check the tread depth so you know when the tires need to be replaced.

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Truck tires that are in it for the long haul

Truck tires are some of the most used commercial tires as definitely the most used continuous tire as the trucks basically are driven around the clock to deliver products around the road networks around the globe. To ensure that the products are delivered on time, the tires need good durability and wear resistance. Good quality truck tires will provide you with a longer service life than tires of lower quality. You tend to also get a lower rolling resistance leading to better fuel economy, which can result in big savings considering the miles that your trucks are putting in. Combine this with that a high quality carcass can be retreaded when the tread reaches the minimum acceptable tread depth. A good carcass can be retreaded 1-2 times, before it has to be discarded, but in the mean time you can make substantial savings. A retreaded tire is as good as a new, if the carcass is of high quality and you use a high quality retreading option.

One of the main reason that long haul tires will fail you is due to low tire pressure. A tire rarely just explodes if it is properly inflated, unless you hit something on the road like a pothole or some debris. This means that basically 80 % of all tire blowouts could be prevented with ensuring that you have the correct tire pressure. Bad tire pressure is based on bad tire maintenance, so if your fleet is having problems with tire blowouts, you will need to assess your fleets tire maintenance process.

It is important to make sure that the tires are matched correctly in terms of diameter when they are dual assembled as you might risk on ruining both tires otherwise. Alignment is another key issue to ensure even wear across the tire. The biggest problem with tires is on the trailers side, as they tend to get less maintenance than the main rig. Proper maintenance of all parts is essential and combine it with making sure that you purchase high quality tires. Retread for better tire economy, as you can make substantial savings on your tire budget if you buy quality haul tires from the start. Then make sure that you monitor and account for all problems so that you can identify the best process to improve productivity with minimum downtime.

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Agricultural equipment need good quality tires

The rapidly changing requirements in farming, you need a wide range of special agricultural tires and Nokian Tyres now has a range that can satisfy even the most challenging needs. You have tires for both tractors and for trailers, in addition to some of the other equipment that might be used. These tires are made to perform when working on the fields as well as when driving on roads. The tire range also include flotation tires, when you want to avoid  compaction of the soil as that has proven negative impact on the yield.You need tires that are relentless regardless of weather, so that you can get the work done even if the conditions are not optimal. Nokian Tyres offer a tractor tire that have been designed for winter use, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI.  This is a tire that provides you all the necessary grip and control that you need to get work done during the winter. This is also a perfect tire for any snow clearing work, so if you will undertake some winter contracting jobs, this could be a perfect tire for those challenging jobs. This will make sure that all your roads can be cleared from snow.

Other perfect tires for agricultural use are the Nokian Country King and Nokian ELS Radial. Both are flotation tires that can be used both for the tractor and for any of the towed equipment including a slurry tanker. The Nokian ELS Radial has better grip and mobility than its competitors and its low rolling resistance can yield savings on fuel of up to 20 % compared to a bias tire and when pulling trailers the traction effort needed is up to 50 % less than competitive tires. So your fuel efficiency will be very good and you can save money on fuel with this tire. When you need to drive on roads, the tire allows for high speeds while still allowing for a smooth drive. If your work involves a lot of road driving, then the Nokian Country King is a better option than the Nokian ELS Radial. They both work good both on and off the field, but the Nokian Country King is better for when the majority of the work includes road driving and when the majority is work on the field, then the Nokian ELS Radial is your best option.

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Excavator work on the beach

Even on tourist beaches there might be need for some excavator work, this would come both when preparing a tourist beach, but also in terms of maintenance after heavy rains. Wheeled excavator perform well even on tricky surfaces as fine beach sand, as it landscapes beaches. The ability to fast move around versus a tracked version improves the efficiency and speed to finish the work. This is one of the advantages with having a more agile equipment.

Heavy thunderstorms can distort famous beaches causing flood holes when overfilled streets are drained down towards the beach until it reaches the sea. This can cause deep drainage holes in the beach. These needs to be filled to ensure that the tourists have a nice flat beach to relax, play and take sun on. This can quite quickly be done with a excavator, digging up sand from one area and then driving it to the hole that needs to be filled.

Restoration and recovery of beaches is a more long term project, but can also be vital for some areas that rely on tourism or then for affluent areas that rely on beaches for expensive properties. When using wheeled excavators on beaches you might need to use flotation tires, that have lower area pressure, but are also less likely to sink down as they tend to more float on the surface with the low surface pressure and wide area. Flotation tires are very popular in agriculture where the lower compaction impact is advantageous for the yield. This has made it one of the preferred agriculture tire on the market. If the sand is not too loose, normal excavator tires can be used.

Most excavators are used in road maintenance or earthmoving applications, where beach work belongs clearly to earthmoving. For road maintenance tires and earthmoving tires, you have a wide range of models to choose from. Using the technical tire manual is a good way to ensure that you find the tire option that best suits the challenges that you will face and for the work that you aim to perform with your equipment. It is always important to choose high quality tires that will deliver high level of service hours and keep any unscheduled downtime to a bare minimum. A proper maintenance process is important to implement if the downtime is a significant part of the overall equipment costs.

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Cargo around the world

Your cargo around the world is also heavily dependent on selecting proper tires. Most cargo nowadays is transported by sea with huge container ships arriving to massive ports that can handle large volumes. Everything is nowadays handles by big hubs, where the containers are unloaded and put on trucks for further delivery on land. There they will often be taken to a terminal, where the containers are then opened and the products can then be distributed in smaller shipments to their final destinations. The whole distribution chain is dependent on timely deliveries without delays.

Vehicles with tires are involved in most of the transportation process, except the time on sea. You will have trucks delivering the containers to the ports and these will need to have good quality truck tires. At the ports you will have your terminal tractors and RTG-cranes using RTG-tires and terminal tractor tires. Once at the final destination harbor, when the containers are transported on land, you then need long haul tires for the long distance transport. For these long distance transports low heat build-up is important provide you with a low wear tire. Low rolling resistance gives you less heat build-up and better fuel efficiency, so that you can deliver products more profitably.

Lower degree of downtime also comes with better quality haul tires, that are built to last and sustain long distance driving. Unscheduled downtime can be very costly, especially if you suffer substantial delays due to it. The importance to find issues that can cause problems in the long run, is often crucial to the efficiency of your operation. Try to get the drivers to report any problem even small ones and make sure to check the tire pressure on a regular basis, to avoid driving with too low tire pressure, which is the main reason for tire failures.

Low rolling resistance provides the low fuel consumption, the lower wear translated to less frequent replacements of tires, which are both adding to the economic reasons of choosing high quality tires. Retreading of tires is another important economic factor of choosing a high quality tire. Retreading can only be done on high quality tires and if the carcass is in good condition. Retreading can be done 1-2 times before the carcass has to be discarded. Retreaded tires can add substantially savings to your tire budget. 

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All season tires for hybrid or electric cars

When choosing tires for a hybrid or electric car, it is important to keep in mind the difference between these cars and traditional cars. Electric and hybrid cars have battery packs that make them heavier than traditional cars that run on gasoline. This means that grip is even more important to allow proper braking. During the summer months, grip and traction remain important, as summer rains increase the risk of hydroplaning – one of the biggest reasons for accidents in the summer months. At the same time, obviously, the whole reason for driving an electrical or hybrid car is to leave a smaller ecological footprint. This is why Nokian Tyres products are an eco-friendly choice, since they have low rolling resistance to decrease the amount of energy needed for each trip, thereby extending the distance an electric car can travel on each charge.

When investing in new tires for your hybrid or electric car, it is important to take into account the difference between them and a traditional car: the main difference being the additional weight due to the battery packs, which renders them slower to stop. The Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 is a premium all-season tire that has excellent grip – especially wet grip – to assure proper braking and is recommended for hybrid or electric cars. The Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 also offers new technologies, like new modulus tread compound, to deliver a smooth and sporty ride.

All-season tires can be used year-round and perform better in tire summer than their all-weather counterparts. This is because what makes all-weather tires better for use in winter compromises their performance for use in summer. The other benefit of all-season tires is their low rolling resistance, which renders them more environmentally friendly.

When choosing a high-quality all-season tire, it is important to have done your homework and to at least understand the difference driving a hybrid or electric car brings forth. Keep in mind that summer driving requires a high-quality tire with a minimum of 4 millimeters of tread to protect against hydroplaning, a real risk with summer rains. What remains the same for both hybrid and traditional cars is the need for high-quality tires. It’s the most important choice for your family’s safety and peace of mind.

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